Urban 15 – Hidden Histories Show

As part of the city of San Antonio’s tricentennial celebrations, local arts group Urban 15 produced a 12 part video show series exploring the rich history of San Antonio’s 300 years. The third episode in the series which was produced in late March of 2018 explored the history of the San Antonio World’s Fair with stories from few of the people who worked the Fair. The title of the episode is “HemisFair ’68 – A Stamp in Time”.

About a month before the taping I had heard about the upcoming episode and was excited to see the taping, but was totally surprised and honored when I was invited to be part of the show. Below are some images I took both of the show taping as well as the on location segments which were filmed at Hemisfair about a week before.

It’s one thing as a historian to meet with those who were part of HemisFair 68′ and hear firsthand the history of the Fair, as well as having amased a collection of 1,500+ artifacts related to the Fair to learn from. However, for me it was an all new level excitement to be invited to join some of people who were there in 1968 to tell the Fair’s story in this way for others to enjoy.

The video link below is of the full episode from Urban 15’s own YouTube channel


Below are images I took during the segment taping and from the show itself.


The following is a link to the episode in the series on HemisFair ’68.