Kentha Wilson

Graphics Designer – San Antonio Fair, Inc. 1965 – 1968

In May of 2013 I had the pleasure corresponding with Mrs. Wilson by email about her memories of HemisFair ’68. Below are some of the memories Mrs. Wilson shared.

How did you become involved with HemisFair 68 and what department did you work in?

I was one of the Graphics Designers who worked in the Architectural and Planning Department under the Fair’s site Architect Allison Perry. I designed posters and flyers for the Fair.

During the six month run of HemisFair 68 did you have a favorite pavilion or venue?

My favorite venue was the youth pavilion known as “Project Y”, located between the USA and State of Texas pavilions.

What was the atmosphere like on the grounds during the Fair?

The atmosphere at the fair was a very happy one. It gave San Antonio a chance to experience foreign foods that many had never tasted before.

What are your memories of the Fair after the closing in October of 1968?

After the fair I hoped that the grounds would be used for museums and public works and parks. The banners that were made for the fair were amazing. I wish we could find some of them again. I went to Mexico City after that to work as a designer for children’s textbooks. After that I went to medical school.5