Ford Motor Co. – Theater

“The Wide World of Ford”

Located in the center of the pavilion the theater was “specially designed to hold a 360-degree screen for the featured movie, “The Wide World of Ford”. “The production uses some of the most modern film craft techniques to present an in-depth portrait of Ford’s worldwide activities”. (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968)

The theater used nine projectors to run the ten-minute show on a screen located high above visitors to the pavilion. Instead of using a traditional flat screen this theater featured a 16′ high by 146′ wide relief of the world carved out of Styrofoam.


Below is an image from the pavilion press kit showing the interior of the pavilion theater. (Click on image for a closer look)

Theater - Show Clips

Below is a video created & posted to YouTube by the man who was the producer of the film shown in the Ford Pavilion’s walkthrough theater. The video shows several of the film images projected on the theater’s overhead screen.