General Electric

Architect: Phelps & Simmons & Assoc. – San Antonio, TX
Exhibit Designer: The Displayers, Inc. – New York, NY

“The General Electric pavilion at HemisFair’ 68 brings the light touch of Broadway deep into the heart of Texas with a sprightly two-act musical featuring a filmed “GEnie” and a typical young southwestern homemaker. Electrical living, one of the most remarkable developments of the 20th Century, is the theme of the exhibit”. (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968)

This pavilion showcased the latest modern electrical amenities and shared GE’s ideas on the technology of tomorrow. Some areas of the pavilion were dedicated to displaying some of the latest advancements in automotive research.


Below are vacation images from the pavilion. (Click on images for a closer look)

Pavilion Press Kit

Prior to the opening of HemisFair ’68 the pavilion’s public relations staff sent out press kits to various media outlets. Included in the kit were three press releases covering different aspects of the pavilion and three high resolution images from the pavilion.

Below are PDFs of the two press releases for your reading enjoyment.

GE Press Release 1

GE Press Release 2

GE Press Release 3

Below are images from the pavilion press kit. (Click on images for a closer look)