Gulf Touride

Sponsored by Gulf Oil, this ride was designed as a miniature scale model of an interstate highway, offering kids of all ages the opportunity to drive gas powered cars at a top speed of seven miles per hour. This exhibit had the advantage of being located near one of the mini-monorail stations, the western end of the Swiss sky ride and one of the main fair gates. The main theme of the venue was “ease and responsibility of modern highway driving” (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968).

Advertisement from the adjoining page in the guide book: “30 gasoline powered “Mini Sport Cars,” operating on a 1,400 foot roadway with grades, curves, a tunnel and an overpass, provide fun, action and excitement for all”. (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968)

Cost was .25 cents per person.

Pavilion Literature

Below are scans of brochure material as well as a souvenir map from the pavilion. (Click on images for a closer look)


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