Architect /  Exhibit Designer: Eliot Noyes and Assoc. – New Canaan, CT

The unique idea IBM brought to HemisFair is the creation of two smaller pavilions; “to demonstrate remote computing. At HemisFair, visitors to IBM’s Durango pavilion can use terminals there to communicate with the System/360 computer installed in the IBM Lakeside pavilion some 1,500 feet away”. (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968)

The Durango Pavilion featured textile looms that were controlled by IBM computers. Visitors were able to get a small textile sample with one of several designs (or design their own using an interactive monitor) including the HemisFair logo. Both of the pavilions were designed with a raised roof and were open to the outside, the Lakeside pavilion had the neat feature of having the elevated mini-monorail track pass thru the pavilion above the visitors.

The Lakeside pavilion featured a film that showcased the features and possibilities for computers.


Below are vacation images from visitors to the pavilion. (Click on image for a closer look)

Below is a Press image of the Jacquard Loom being delivered to the Druango pavilion. (Click on image for a closer look)

Pavilion Literature \ Souvenirs

Below are scans of brochure material from the pavilion. (Click on images for a closer look)