Construction of the New Entension

Designed by local architect O’Neal Ford, the primary function was to extend the San Antonio river into the fairgrounds. Same as the Tower and convention center the extension was constructed by the joint construction venture of Layda/Lott. The extension was designed to be seven foot deep and features a concrete river bed.

Commerce and Market Street Bridges

When it came to the construction of some of the road bridges that traverse the new extension again new construction methods were used. “The bridges nearest the cut are constructed unlike most others – at a 20 percent savings in time and money. Existing earth is shaped to conform to the arch of the bridge. Over this convex form a two-sack concrete working slab is poured, covered with Thomson’s Water Seal, a silicone, and over that is poured the permanent 5-inch slab. When the bridge is finished, the earth underneath is simply routed out and the working slab dropped and discarded, leaving a smooth undersurface to catch the blue-green reflections from the stream” (El Abrazo, Jun/Jul/Aug 1967).


Below is an image of the completed N. Alamo St. bridge at the entrance of the to be completed extension (El Abrazo, Jun/Jul/Aug 1967).