Hemisfair (HPARC)

In August of 2009 the San Antonio city council passed resolution 200908130025R creating the Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation, a non-profit organization with task of transforming the aging HemisFair ’68 site into 24/7 public space in the heart of downtown San Antonio. In 2012 HPARC completed restoring the Edgar House along with two other structures located within Hemisfair Park and currently uses them for their offices.

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The new look of Hemisfair – 2012

In 2012 the HPARC staff created a new logo for Hemisfair to reflect the ideas and themes of the revitalization of the former World’s Fair site into a 24/7 public space in the heart of downtown San Antonio. Click here to read more about HPARC’s new logo and branding.

The updated look of Hemisfair – 2017

As the plans for the overall site evolved from – redevelopment / revitalization to that of a three park urban district a new branding program was launched in 2017.

The Master Plan for the Redevelopment of Hemisfair Park

In the spring of 2011 HPARC held a series of public workshops where the residents of San Antonio were asked on what they would like to see in the redevelopment of Hemisfair Park. In 2011 HPARC completed their 2012 Master plan for the redevelopment of the former World’s Fair site, during the spring of 2012 the San Antonio city council voted on and approved the Master Plan.

As of summer 2014 the overall project is broken-down into three phases:

Phase 1 – Yuanaguana Garden (2015)

Phase 2 – CIvic Park (2023)

Phase 3 – Tower Park (2023)

During the summer of 2012 HPARC began the first of many renovations in the park, visit the page on the left side “Renovations to Date” to view my coverage of the progress.

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