Hemisfair Conservancy

In the spring of 2014 HPARC announced the creation of the Hemisfair Conservancy which provides needed funds to redevelop Hemisfair and is also instrumental in ensuring the Hemisfair district becomes financially self-sustaining. The Conservancy is also very active in promoting this exciting project. The staff makes presentations regularly to local groups on progress of the overall redevelopment.

The Logo

How does the new logo tie into the themes of the new Hemisfair?

It is a deconstruction of the HPARC logo to show that they are related but separate organizations. The blade of grass alludes to the conservancy’s support of the public spaces at Hemisfair.


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Support of the Hemisfair Conservancy

Here is some more basic info on the Conservancy

How can one contribute to the Conservancy?

Currently, there are two main ways an individual, business or foundation can contribute to the Conservancy:

Visit the Conservancy website:


Mail a contribution to the Hemisfair – PO Box 1262 San Antonio, TX 78295-1262

As of July 2015, the Hemisfair Conservancy has raised funds for the following projects or components for the new Hemisfair?

The Conservancy has received a grant award from The Nancy Smith Hurd Foundation to fund a Sand Play Area within Yanaguana Garden.

Thru crowd funding on social media they received the needed funds for two over-sized chess sets (which have been funded) and we are currently crowd funding for one sand digger.

They also received a grant award from The Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable Trust to fund four custom designed picnic tables for the Theatre Courtyard along the western edge of the site.