In the beginning…

Over the years when I talk about HemisFair 68′ folks are always amazed that I know so much about it. Folks usually get more surprised when I tell them that I missed the Fair by about 10 years and half a dozen states. Afterwards I usually get asked the question – “So how did you get so into HemisFair 68′”?

Long story short, I have always enjoyed reading about history and my first job back in high school was at a local theme park – Sea World of Texas (now Sea World San Antonio). During the summer of 2006 I remember re-watching the local PBS documentary about HemisFair 68′ and thinking – “So this was kind of like a theme park that only operated for six months”. From there both interests came together and started me down the road of World’s Fair history.

As I read more about what HemisFair 68′ was I became more and more intrigued. Each piece/story I discover about the Fair has its own story but when I combine it with the rest of my research it contributes to a greater story overall. I’ve jokingly told people that my interest in HemisFair 68′ started as snowflake on the top of a mountain, and as it rolls downhill it just gets bigger and bigger as time goes by.

And with that as they say, the rest is history!



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