“the plastic and performing arts, for which Mexico is recognized the world over, are well represented within the impressive pavilion. So, too, are the nation’s remarkable advancements in architecture and industrialization, in education and agriculture. Throughout the exhibit there is clear evidence that the ancient shills remain.” (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968)

The pavilion was divided into several areas displaying Mexico’s rich history thru art, artifacts and multimedia. This pavilion had the additional feature of a small outdoor performing stage on the water from where visitors could see top Mexican performers of the day. Adjoining the pavilion was a restaurant serving traditional Mexican cuisine.

Pavilion Literature

Below are scans of brochure material from the pavilion. (Click on images for a closer look)

Pavilion Mural

As visitors entered the pavilion they were greeted by a full scale mural created my Mexican artist – Rufino Tamayo. In 1981 the Tamayo Museum opened to the public in Mexico City. 


Below are vacation images from visitors to the pavilion. (Click on image for a closer look)

Below are press images from the pavilion. (Click on image for a closer look)