United States of America

Architect: Roberts, Allen & Helmke – San Antonio, TX (Exhibit Hall)
         Marmon and Mok Associates – San Antonio, TX ( Theater)
Exhibit Designer: The Displayers, Inc. – New York, NY

“”Confluence U.S.A.,” the blending together of many peoples and many cultures into one nation, is the theme of the United States Pavilion at HemisFair ’68. Portraying the American culture confluence in its three aspects – The Legacy, The Harvest, and The Promise – is a two-building exhibit”. (HemisFair Guidebook)

The pavilion consisted of two buildings with an open courtyard between them. The smaller of the two was the Confluence Exhibit Hall and the larger building was the 1,200 seat Confluence Theater. The theater interior was divided into three 400 seat areas, where viewers watched the first two of three segments in their three individual seating areas, as the third segment began the walls disappeared and all 1,200 viewers found themselves in one theater viewing the world’s largest projection screen for its time.

Here is a link to an online article on the projection system used for the confluence theater.

Pavilion Literature

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Press Release - Pavilion Info

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US Pavilion – HemisFair 68 (Press Release 1)

US Pavilion – HemisFair 68 (Press Release 2)

US Pavilion – HemisFair 68 (Press Release 3)

Press Release - Bios

At the time of HemisFair, C. R. Smith was the U.S. Secretary Commerce, Smith was the former head of American Airlines for several decades. For further reading on Smith and his contributions to aviation visit the crsmithmuseum online.