New addition to my HemisFair 68′ project

VIVA HemisFair '68 Bumper Sticker

Every couple of years I come across a new addition to my HemisFair 68′ project as a fun way to further share my growing collection and knowledge of all things HemisFair.

Here are some of the current milestones for the on-line portion of the project:

  • First it was the launching of the website to create an on-line presence in 2011
  • Going out into the local community to do oral interview collecting in 2012
  • Creating social media channels to further share my project in 2016
  • A complete website rebuild utilizing newer technologies in 2021


The new addition for 2022 is a blog!

Everything I have created to date has been pretty much related to the Fair itself and thought to start this blog as a way to share my own personal adventure: the people I’ve met, behind the scenes stories, unique items I’ve collected, etc…

Along with the history of the San Antonio World’s Fair, I am also passionate about the site’s revitalization. Beyond the San Antonio World’s Fair I am excited about more recent World’s Fairs & upcoming ones as well. As I get more comfortable with blogging I hope to add two extra categories: one on the new Hemisfair and another on the BIE & current World’s Fairs.

As with the previous additions to the project, it always lead to new discoveries, new people and opportunities. I am excited to see where this blog takes me and look forward to sharing it with all of you.



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