Airport Expansion

To handle the millions of visitors, a good portion of which were projected to fly into San Antonio, city leaders implemented a plan in the mid 1960’s to expand the existing airport facilities in time for the opening of Hemisfair in April 1968. According to the Airport’s web site, the expansion included adding a new eight gate concourse (featuring new jet bridges) with spacious passenger waiting areas to the existing terminal.

With the addition of a second terminal in the early 1980’s, the original terminal was renamed Terminal 2.

Terminal Map

Below is a illustration of the original airport terminal with the HemisFair ’68 annex.

End of an Era

In early November 2010, the San Antonio International Airport opened the new Terminal B to replace the aging Terminal 2. By mid November all operations had moved into the new terminal and the old Terminal 2 along with the HemisFair ’68 concourse was closed to the general public and is slated for demolition. Once the old terminal is demolished the 1994 Airport Master Plan calls for a future Terminal C to be built in its place.