On Site Construction

Once the selection of the 92 acre site was completed, the next big step was to redevelop the old neighborhood into the fairgrounds for the 1968 World’s Fair. Site development included several phases: demolition, clearing, renovating existing structures, as well as all the new construction.

I have broken down site development into five basic sections on the left. Not included in this section is the expansion of the San Antonio River (see next section)

Site Plan

Below is a scan of an earlier site plan of the fairgrounds.

Construction Images & Video

Below are a series of images I have collected showing the various on-site construction projects from 1966 thru early 1968

Elevated Walkway System

As part of the overall site design, an elevated walkway system was incorporated to serve two primary functions. First was to provide unobstructed walkways to and from Fiesta Island to the rest of the fair site over the waterways and lagoon cruse ride. Secondly, this allowed for additional spaces in some sections of the system for retail and site utilities.

The overall system was left in place after the Fair closed and not removed until the 20th anniversary renovations of the site in the late 1980’s. As of the 50th anniversary in 2018, the only section of the system still in place is located between the Tower of the Americas & the Gulf Insurance Pavilion.

Below are some images of the walkway system during the design / construction in 1967 & what is left as of 2018.