Daily Schedules

For each day of the fair visitors received a daily schedule handout featuring the day’s events. On the front side was a list of scheduled events that started when the fair opened at 10am thru closing at midnight. On the backside the schedule listed a brief description of all the exhibits, entertainment, and coming attractions.

Below are scans of a few of the schedules in the collection. (Click on images for a closer look)

National Days at HemisFair 68′

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May 2
Blanco Day
Floresville Day

June 1
Junior Miss Day
Education-Public, Private, College and University Day

June 2
Wisconsin Day

June 3
Services and Civil Services Day

June 4
Col. Ed White Day
Finance & Insurance Day
Communications Day

June 5
HemisFilm ’68 Day

June 6
Central American Common Market Day
Universal City Day

June 7
Tennessee Day

June 8
No Events Scheduled

June 9
Tampaulipas Day

June 10
Oklahoma Day

June 11
No Events Scheduled

June 12
Delaware Day

June 13
St. Anthony’s Day

June 14
Flag Day
Army Day
Knights Templar Day

June 15
Poetry Day
Laredo/Nuevo Laredo Day

June 16
Father’s Day

June 17
Houston Day

June 18
Religious Expression Day

June 19
Massachusetts Day

June 20
Randolph A.F.B. Day
West Virginia Day

June 21
New Hampshire Day
Louisville Day

June 22
Nevada Day
Texas Press, Radio & TV Day
Royal Ranger Day

June 23
Brooks A.F.B. Day
Henry B. Gonzales Day

June 24
Helotes Day

June 25
Virginia Day
Smile Day

June 27
Jalisco Day

June 28
Japan’s National Day
Junior LULAC Day

June 29
Sembradores de Amistad Day
New York State Day

June 30
Lions International Day
Republican Women’s Day

July 01
Camp Fire Girls Day
Air Force Nurse Day

July 02
Pop Warner Day

July 03
Idaho Day

July 04
Independence Day–USA

July 05
Venezuela’s National Day

July 06
Arizona Day
Bolivia’s National Day

July 07
Sonora Day

July 09
Girl Scout Day
Portugal’s National Day
Women’s Overseas Service League Day

July 10
Wyoming Day

July 12
Vermont Day
Washington and Lee Day

July 13
Pasadena Day

July 14
France’s National Day
Beta Sigma Phi Day

July 16
Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras Day

July 17
Montana Day

July 18
No Events Scheduled

July 19
Del Rio-Cludad Acuna Day
North Carolina Day

July 20
Colombia’s National Day

July 21
United Methodist Day

July 22
Old Trail Drivers Day

July 23
Pharmacy Day

July 24
Utah Day
Mormon Pioneer Day

July 26
EODC Headstart Day
Boy Scout Days

July 27
Brooke Army Medical Center Day
Senator Yarbrough Day
Boy Scout Days
Austin Aqua Festival Day

July 28
Boy Scout Days

July 30
Peru and Dominican Republic Day

July 31
Nebraska Day

Aug 01
Plainview Day

Aug 02
Alabama Day

Aug 04
Mississippi Day

Aug 05
Kansas Day
Order of Eagles Day

Aug 06
Confluence Carts Rally Day

Aug 07
Alaska Day
Credit Union Day

Aug 08
St. Phillips College Day

Aug 09
Pennsylvania Day

Aug 10
Missouri Day
Poultry Day

Aug 11
Monterrey Day

Aug 12
Thailand’s National Day

Aug 13
Texas Days

Aug 14
Texas Days

Aug 15
Fourth Army Day

Aug 16
Maine Day
Girls Auxiliary Day

Aug 17
Holiday Inn Day
Illinois Day
Korea’s National Day
Mexico City Day

Aug 18
Corpus Christi Day
West Texas Day
Woodmen of the World Day

Aug 19
Connecticut Day
State Senior College Day

Aug 20
El Paso Ciudad Juarez Day

Aug 21
Odessa Day

Aug 22
County Employees Day

Aug 23
Scottish Day
Boy Scout Days

Aug 24
Christmas Eve
Boy Scouts Days

Aug 25
Christmas Day
Boy Scout Day

Aug 26
Carrizo Springs Day
Boys Clubs Of America Day

Aug 27
Amarillo Day

Aug 28
New Jersey Day
Firefighters’ Day

Aug 29
Devine Day

Aug 30
San Marcos Day

Aug 31
Lower Rio Grande Valley Day
Maryland Day

Sep 01
Optimists International Day
Tactical Air Command Day

Sep 02
Labor Day

Sep 03
Georgia Day

Sep 04
Pleasanton Day

Sep 05
Lubbock Day

Sep 06
Waco Day

Sep 07
Senator Tower Day
Frio County Day
I A D B Day

Sep 08
Polish American Sunday

Sep 09
California Day
Senior Citizens Day
Germany’s National Day

Sep 10
Fort Sam Houston Day

Sep 11
Wichita Falls Day

Sep 12
Olympics Day

Sep 13
John J. Pershing Day

Sep 14
American Legion Day
Charro Day
Central America Day

Sep 15
Mexico’s National Day

Sep 16
Independence Day – Mexico

Sep 17
Johnson City Day

Sep 18
Austin Day

Sep 19
Florida Day

Sep 20
Dallas Day

Sep 21
Washington Day
Air National Guard Day

Sep 22
Golden Triangle Day

Sep 23
Jewish New Year
Puerto Rico Day

Sep 24
Tyler Day

Sep 25
Abilene Day
San Angelo Day

Sep 26
Zonta International Day
Daughters of the Republic of Texas Day

Sep 27
Las Cruces Day

Sep 28
Las Cruces Day

Sep 29
Odd Fellows Day
Boy Scout Days

Sep 30
International Ambassadors Day

Oct 02
Canada’s National Day
Yom Kippur