Records from San Antonio Fair, Inc.

Since the closing of the Fair in October of 1968 the bulk of the records from San Antonio Fair, Inc. have called several different libraries home. Their first home was Trinity University for 18 years. In 1985 the collection was transferred to the San Antonio Public Library system and stored at one of the locations downtown. The collection was then transferred to the UTSA Special Collections in 1992, from 1992 thru 2012 the collection was stored at UTSA’s Institute of Texan Cultures (Texas Pavilion during HemisFair ’68) located in HemisFair park. In 2012 The collection was transferred from UTSA’s HemisFair Park Campus to its Main Campus on the far northside of San Antonio.

Over the years staff members at UTSA have processed the remaining collection into 540 boxes and sorted them into 13 different sections. If you would like to view any items in this collection you will need to contact the Special Collections Dept and set-up an appointment and let them know which items you are interested in viewing (use the links below to ascertain the box and folder number of a particular item).

John Peace Library Reading Room

John Peace Library
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

(210) 458-5505

Breakdown of the Collection

If you would like to read more on the collection I have created links to all 13 sections to help guide you thru the maze of 540 boxes in the collection.

Series 1: Executive Officers

Series 2: Comptroller’s Office
Series 3: Legal Department
Series 4: Entertainment Department
Series 5: Visitor and Exhibitor Relations Department
Series 6: Site Development Department
Series 7: Public Relations Department 
Series 8: Printed Materials and Scrapbooks
Series 9: Trinity University Archives
Series 10: Ephemera
Series 11: Oversize Architectural Drawings, Blueprints, and Plans
Series 12: Audiovisual Materials