“Imagine being able to alter the sequence of a movie by simply pressing a button on your theater seat. That, basically, is the story of the incomparable Kino-Automat. However, Kino-Automat is much more that a game. It’s a triumphant testimonial to the Czech film industry; it’s a sophisticated approach to understanding the workings of the human mind; it’s a true study in psychology, and it’s just plain fun” (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968).

After the roaring success at Expo 67, this Czech attraction made it’s second of three worlds fair appearances at HemisFair ’68.  Located near the ski lake between the General Motors and IBM Lakeside pavilions, this pavilion offered visitors a unique perspective on film making.

General admission was $2.00 for adults and $1.35 for children & military. The total run time was about an hour and ran ten times daily.


Below is a vacation images of a venue staff member. (Click on images for a closer look)


After the show’s appearance at Expo ’74 in Spokane, WA., the show was shelved for nearly thirty years before being rediscovered in the early 2000’s. Here is the site for the restored and re-mastered Kino-Automat show.