Laterna Magika

“Laterna Magika isn’t a pat film with climax and ending. It’s a mixture of situations, ranging from slapstick Laurel and Hardy-like comedy to breath-taking vistas of film and acting supremacy that will bring the audience from their seats. The written word is not adequate for this production. It is accomplished with 12 beautiful Czech dancers, a handful of peerless actors, and a synchronized technical crew that operates like a well oiled machine. Actors and actresses flow like melted butter from the stage into the filmed sequences on three screens”. (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968)

After the great success during Expos 58 & 67, this group returned for HemisFair ‘68 to once again amaze visitors with their unique talents of blending film and stage into one medium. Laterna Magika is still going strong with a variety of shows in their venue located in the Czech capital city, Prague.

General admission was $1.50 for adults and $1.00 for children and military.

This attraction was housed in Beethoven Hall located in the foreign nation pavilion section near HemisFair gate 3. The current theater structure dates back to 1913, since 1994 the theater has been home to the Magik Children’s Theatre.


Below are images of the venue (Click on image for a closer look)