The Magic of People

“El encanto de un pueblo (The Magic of People), as the exhibit is known, expresses that spirit for HemisFair. Presented in its own pavilion deep in the heart of Las Plazas del Mundo, El encanto se un pueblo discourses freely on the ‘variety, contrast, charm, humor, color, drama, and poetry of the Latin American people’. Its medium is visual: models, toys other decorative objects in miniature size tell the whole rich story. (HemisFair Guidebook, 1968)

This exhibit was created by Alexander Girard to tell the history of the Americas through the then largest display of miniature folk art. This exhibit premiered at HemisFair 68’ and quickly became a “Must See” exhibit. One unique feature of this pavilion was that the front facade was a piece of artwork in itself painted in an array of vibrant colors offsetting the sun and moon artwork on the walls.

General admission .50 cents for adults and .25 cents for kids

Pavilion Literature

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