HemisFair 68′ On Film – TAMI

During the fall of 2022, the Austin, Texas based non-profit – Texas Archive of The Moving Image announced a new project related to the history of the San Antonio World’s Fair.

TAMI - Exhibit Introduction

Below are two video’s posted by TAMI for the new exhibit, one is an introduction and the other is a conversation event I participated in as part of the exhibit.

TAMI - Archive Dive (4/4/2023)

During the week leading up to the 55th anniversary of opening day of HemisFair 68′, TAMI invited me to participate in an on-line video conversation to talk more about history of HemisFair 68′. During the hour long conversation we shared more of the digitized film from the Fair while providing trivia, back stories and more. Below is the full video from the event, thank you for watching.

TAMI - Exhibit Premier at Hemisfair (3/23/2023)

TAMI kicked off the new exhibit with a presentation party on the site of the 1968 World’s Fair. The evening included the TAMI team being on hand to talk about their organization, as well as many who worked at HemisFair 68′ returning to the site to revisit the greatest six months of their lives.

One of the greatest components to their new on-line exhibit is the partial re-construction of the IMAX style film titled US” which was shown at the United States Pavilion – Confluence Theater. The reconstruction was a collaboration between TAMI, University of Texas at San Antonio – Special Collections, University of XXXXXXXX and the US Library of Congress.

Meet Me in San Antonio: HemisFair ’68 on Film (

Below are some images I captured during the event.