Entertainment of 1968

Although the year 1968 is remembered in the United States more for the escalation of the Vietnam War, civil unrest and high profile assassinations; in the area entertainment the world saw many great films, music singles, theater and literature. The following is a basic time line of some of the many prominent films, songs from 1968 in relation to HemisFair ’68



2/8/68 – Film (US) “Planet of the Apes”, staring Charleston Heston & Roddy McDowell

2/19/68 – TV (US) “Mr. Roger’s Neigbhorhood”, staring Fred Rogers aires its first episode on PBS.


3/18/68 – Film (US) Mel Brooks comedy “The Producers”, staring Zero Mostel & Gene Wilder

3/31/68 – Novel (US) – “Airport” by Aurthur Hailey makes the New York Best Seller’s list. In 1970 Universal Studios made this novel into a film of the same name staring Burt Lancaster & Dean Martin.


4/3/68 – Film (US) Stanley Kubrick’s “2001 A Space Odessy”, staring Keir Dulea & Gary Lockwood

4/5/68 – Single (US) “Mrs. Robinson”, written by Paul Simon and performed by the duo Simon & Garfunkel

—– 4/6/1968 – HemisFair ’68 Opens —–

4/10/68 – Film (US) “Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows”, staring Rosalind Russel & Stella Stevens

4/29/68 – Broadway Show (US) – “Hair” at the Biltmore Theater


5/2/68 – Film (US) “The Odd Couple”, staring Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau


6/?/68 – Single (US) “Hello, I Love You”, by the group “The Doors”

6/19/68 – Film (US) “The Green Berets”, staring John Wayne & David Janssen


7/17/68 – Film (UK) Beatles animated film “Yellow Submarine”


8/26/68 – Single (UK) “Hey Jude” is released by the Beatles on their new label Apple Records


9/18/68 – Film (US) “Funny Girl”, staring Barbra Striesand & Omar Sharif

9/30/68 – Single (US) “”Love Child” by Diana Ross and the Supremes


—– 10/6/68 – HemisFair ’68 Closes —–

10/23/68 Film (US) “Ice Station Zebra”, staring Rock Hudson & Ernest Borgnine

10/30/68 – Film (US) “Lion in Winter”, staring Peter O’Toole & Katharine Hepburn


11/14/68 – Film (US) “The Shoes of the Fisherman”, staring Laurence Olivier & Anthony Quinn


12/01/68 – Broadway Show (US) – “Promises, Promises” at the Shubert Theater

12/16/68 -Film (UK) “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, staring Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes

12/18/68 – Film (US) “Hell in the Pacific”, staring Lee Marvin & Toshirō Mifune

12/24/68 – Film (US) Limited release of Disney’s “The Love Bug”, staring Dean Jones & Michele Lee