Phase 3 – Tower Park

With the first and second phases of the HPARC project completed the final phase will be Tower Park which will be located to the east of Civic Park

In the fall of 2018 HPARC began allocating funding to begin the initial rounds of public & design input on the revitlization of central core of Hemisfair which includes the iconic Tower of the Americas. In March of 2019 HPARC held the first public workshop to collect ideas on what us as residents would both like to see in the third phase of the redevelopment, as well as, how it would tie into the first two phases of the overall site.


Below is an overall layout of Hemisfair showing the three main phases of the overall project released by HPARC. (Click on images for a closer look)

Images Below are images I took during the first public workshop for the new park in March of 2019. (Click on images for a closer look)