The monorail provided visitors an additional option for getting around the fair site. It consisted of an elevated track creating a 1-1/2 mile long loop around the site featuring three stations. The open air design of the station and cars allowed visitors and rail employees to enjoy south Texas breezes on cooler days.

Built by Universal Design Limited, each train consisted of a motor car at each end and several passenger cars. One neat design feature was that the track ran thru IBM’s Lakeside Pavilion. The loop had three passenger stations near: the Texas Pavilion, General Electric Pavilion and a third in the foreign nations section.

Cost for one loop was $1.00


Below are vacation images of the Mini-Monorail. (Click on images for a closer look)

Ride Ticket

Below is a scan of an admission ticket from the Bonus Book. (Click on image for a closer look)

The Accident

During the last month of the Fair two trains collided near the lakeside pavilion which derailed several cars on both trains to the walkway below.

After the Fair

Years after the fair the monorail was closed and the track was removed from the site, some of the pillars for one of the stations were reused in a waterfall feature that is still on the site today near the tower.